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2017: Deeply held thoughts, surfaced

Nothing says you're caught in the midst of the technological frenzy that is the 21st century better than the message, "not enough storage." Whether it's the nagging warning that my phone capacity in some mystical land called "The Cloud" is dwindling, or the spy movie-esque red status bar that shows I have less than 10 gigabytes of hard drive storage before something unspeakably terrible will happen, these reminders come from a nonexistent figure who is more of a tiger parent than my comparatively chill Asian mom and dad. 
As a college student on winter break, void of any responsibility except to change into new pajamas, I decided to make myself semi-useful and finally create a sort of digital tabula rosa for myself and comb through the unnecessarily large stockpile of pictures on my computer.
The pictures on my computer are organized by month, and with 2018 slowly creeping around the corner, I found myself reflecting, something I don't actively try to …

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