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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bringing Back the Basics

Fashion moves quickly, and trends change in the blink of a perfectly mascara-d eye. With so many changes constantly taking place in the fashion world, saying that it's sometimes hard to keep up would be an understatement. Something that gives me solace are the certain items that you see repetitively in street style pictures and just in everyday life, regardless of whatever someone's personal style might be, or regardless of what may be considered "chic" in that moment. These items can be dressed up or dressed down, and they can be paired with something as simple as a pair of jeans, to something as wacky as a pair of flowered gauchos. These items are unpretentious, classic, and sleek: these items are the basics.

Of course, there will be debate about what items are considered to be one of the basics, just like there will always be debate about nearly aspect of the myriad of creative art forms that exist in our world. What I personally consider to be an essential basic may not even cross the mind of someone living halfway across the world, but that is the beauty of fashion: that the old cliche of "there isn't really a right answer" holds true. From learning about others' preferences, you are able to compare them with your own and embellish your personal ideas about fashion- you may even find yourself going, "huh, I've never thought about that combination before," or "wow, maybe culottes aren't such a crazy idea after all." So, from the mind of an 18-year-old college student who loves enlightening discussions, bubble tea, donuts, music, and the city (in addition to fashion), here are some of the items that I find essential.

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1. Plain white tee
Hey there Delilah what's it like in New - no, not those Plain White Tees - I'm talking about the plain white tee that is simple, effortlessly chic, and comfortable. What's so great about the plain white tee is that there are many varieties, from the oversized "I just rolled out of bed" tee, to the more sophisticated fitted tee. From these many varieties, the outfit possibilities just multiply with the number of ways you can wear a tee.


Left: A white sweatshirt style tee paired with wide-leg trousers creates a more dressy look.
Right: A flowy white tee, paired with blue jeans and heels: a more casual but still refined look for you.

2. Fashion sneakers
Is there anything better than something that's as cute as it is comfortable? Grab a pair of fashionable sneakers, and you're set. You won't have to suffer from your high heels chafing your feet, and you won't have to bear the brunt of judging looks you would receive if you were to just wear your slippers out in public. I personally love the contradictory effect of wearing sneakers with an otherwise more dressed up or feminine outfit: it just makes the whole ensemble more interesting. Of course, going for an all-together casual look is just as satisfying.

Left: Dress, trench coat, clutch, watch, and *say what* sneakers? Sounds weird, looks perfect.
Right: Wow, plain white tee and fashion sneakers in one outfit? Props to that idea.

3. Black leather jacket
Black leather jackets aren't just for your Harley Davidson motorcycle pros- they're a major closet staple as well. Throw it on for a little "cool" to your outfit. Wear it with jeans or with a dress. Really, it's all up to you.

Left: Tomboy cool- relaxed chinos and leather jacket.
Right: Who says you can't wear a badass leather jacket with a midi skirt?

4. Vintage blue wash jeans
There's something extremely satisfying about vintage-wash jeans- is it the tinge of brown at the hems, or is it the fraying of details that makes them seem like they have a story to tell? It's hard to pinpoint exactly, but there's no mistaking that a good pair of vintage-wash jeans adds a classic element to anyone's wardrobe.

Left: A comfy sweater made even comfier with a classic pair of jeans.
Right: A sleek, modern top contrasted with vintage jeans.

That's enough from me- what are the items that are essential to you?

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